Happy Holidays from One & All

June 23, 2021

2020 is coming to an end… finally.

While this year has certainly been a challenge and tested us all in unexpected ways, we are so proud of everything we’ve accomplished as partners.

Together this year, we have:

- Endured lockdown for nearly 300 days

- Drank approximately 360,000 cups of coffee

- Watched every show on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBOMax

- Participated in infinite video calls

- Seen everyone’s partners, kids, and pets online

- Gotten closer while being farther apart

You have kept us going this year. You’ve helped us see the good every single day, even when times are tough. You’ve helped make the world better, and we’re so thankful you let us be a part of it.

The holidays look a little different this year, with virtual gatherings and new ways of celebrating. But we wanted to remind you of how grateful we are for you and all the work you do.

Here's to creating more positive change together in the new year!

Happy Holidays from One & All!